handmade stuff for your kustom ride.



The shiftknobs will be made exactly for your shiftbar. Just tell me the threadsize, and I will prepare everything. Or you can get the raw, undrilled, ones.  

Classic Mushroom

This classic mushroom shape is the result of long work. I spent many hours to make this simple looking shiftknob real. You can order it with several layers of my colours.

Classic Mushroom w/ Hobo Nickel

The classic mushroom with an added Hobo-Nickel. Ask for available Nickels!


This diamonds are available in small and big - and perfectly fits to my diamond doorpins. On the photo you can see the whole Diamond-Set. There are up to 10 layers possible. Watch in the gallery for examples!


These Tikimasks are perfect for all kinds of shifting. They can be made in all of my colours - but, for aestethic reasons, in only one.


 A classic sphere shiftknob, 40mm. No words needed!




each shiftknob 35,00 €*

each turnsignal-knob 20,00 €*


Metal Mount 5,00 € if possible, metric or imperial, example on the right

Cut Thread 0,00 € metric or imperial

Drilled + Glue 5,00 €

*with a maximum of 4 colours/layers. Each addition +3,00€